Brighton is a well established musical hub, offering a diverse back catalogue of acts from British Sea Power to Bat For Lashes and Blood Red Shoes, all of which have risen to international status over the last decade.

Fierce Friend is a new band, but has a link to Brighton’s great heritage. Several of the members have been involved variously in Electric Soft Parade, Brakes and The Upper Room, and more recently with Foxes!,┬áCommon Tongues and Octopuses.

But the main focus of the group is lead vocalist and chief songwriter Alan Grice. With classical and jazz training from an early age, Alan has featured as a session keyboardist and accompanist for many great south coast bands. Whilst spending a lot of his career working closely with some great singers and songwriters, he’s been quietly amassing an arsenal of intelligent, winning pop songs and is finally ready to unleash them on the world.

The demos and ideas that were once languishing on a hard drive somewhere, have now been brought to life by Alan and the other members of Fierce Friend. An excellent live band was assembled as Alan recruited a team of top players from the local scene. Fierce Friend is now a formidable group and the music they play is very true to the original demo recordings.

Several radio spots and a single showcase later, the group has already been offered festival slots and further gigs outside of Brighton, simply on the strength of their first performances. While the songs are often complex, intricate and clearly aiming high, there is a pop sensibility running through out. Fierce Friend offers intelligently blissful music that is crafted to woo and entangle you.

The group is building a strong following and has a debut album in the pipeline.

Alan teamed up with Adam Rowden to write lyrics for the album, and Alex White was asked to produce the record. The band recorded the tracks with engineer Matt Twaites at The Levellers’ Metway Studios in Brighton. The vocals and other overdubs were tracked at home, by Alan and Alex, who then returned to Matt for mixing. Dave Ronchetti (bass) and Alan’s brother Rob Grice (electric guitar) helped form the band that recorded the album, before Dave had to be replaced after moving to Japan.

The current Fierce Friend line-up is:

Alan Grice

Rob Grice
electric guitar/vocals

Felix Norman
acoustic guitar/organ/glockenspiel/vocals

Beau Barnard
bass guitar

Alex White